Fan Noli Cultural Library

Nicholas Pano Prof Emeritus

the first academic counsel, advisor, and regular contributor of the Fan Noli Library& Cultural center

Stefan Kochi

among the first great donors for the Fan Noli Library Website

Flutura Doko

the Fan Noli Library & Archive first website builder since 2010. Now, the main counsel & contributor to the new website.

Endri Plaku

the Fan Noli Library & Archive digital project contributor since 2012.

Loreta Stamo

the Fan Noli Library website financial contributor, recognized as the first online fund director and organizer

Other Contributors

  • Shirley Nicholas
  • Mirela and William McDonald
  • Chris and Lillian Sotiros
  • Anonymous
  • Bojken Stamo
  • Enriketa Barbey Kalldremxhiu
  • Daughters of Saint George
  • Angiliki Kal
  • Xholion Pelari
  • Kamelia Vakeflli
  • Merita and William McCormack
  • Anonymous